Google Plus and I’ts Important Features

The Google Plus is an amazing addition in the world of social media. Google Plus offers a huge variety of features for all their users in order to make it worth using.

Everyone today knows importance of social media in their life. The social media has changed living style of people in different ways. There are infinite social networking sites that are part of the social media. These social networking sites are contributing a good share in the world of social media. Google Plus is a very important part of the social media. It is not very new neither old in the world of social media. However, in less time social media has made a good name in the world of social media. People today are frequently using Google Plus for different purposes. The Google Plus is a part of social media that is known best to help people in their practical life.

Yes, the Google Plus is place where people can find work for themselves. It is important for people who are looking for some company to hire them. Similar to hiring, the Google Plus also helps people to promote their business in a better way. There are HR professionals who are thinking that are thinking to hire new employments as well as recruit potential candidates. People today think that the Google Plus is a game changer today.

The Google Plus allows people to optimize their contacts. It is a common observation that the other social networking sites have failed to customize their list. They usually offer one list named as “friend”. The Google Plus on the other allows people to organize their contact in a better way. They offer options like family members, colleagues, classmates, professional connects, the co-workers and much more. Using Google Plus, one can organize their contacts into the “Circles” or into different groups of the contacts immediately by dragging the names into the new circles. This helps people to upload your work related post in respected category which makes it easy for people to know if you are looking to hire or work.

Another important feature offered by the Google Plus is video conferencing. The video conferencing is very important for everyone when it comes to video interview. The video interview is the important part of the hiring process. The Google Plus offers the video chat option as the “Start a Hangout” option. This options allows people to video chat with their Google Plus contacts. Moreover you can send instant message, invite more and more people to the chat and even play the YouTube video which is a pretty cool option.

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