The Role of Social Networks In Promoting Entrepreneurship

The social networking sites has taken the entrepreneur to a new level. The social networks allows people to use new marketing tool in order to promote and sale their product or service.

Social networks are now playing very vital role in every individual’s life. Social networks allow people to stay connected to each other in different roles. Social networks are now working as marketing tool for the entrepreneur these days. It allows new or existing entrepreneurs to promote and sale their product or service without spending a lot of money on the advertising campaign. The social networks are now not only used as source of entertainment but they are also source of information for everyone. There is huge number of entrepreneurs who run or manage their business through social network.  People of different age and gender use social networks for promotion of their work or service. A huge number of people run social network page for the promotion as well as sale of their product or service.

The social networks are used for multi-purpose entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur can use it for promoting their any specific product or group of products as well as for the promotion of their service which their enterprise offers. The promotions of the product do not mean the entrepreneur only promote or advertise their product or service. The entrepreneur uses the social network for promotion or sale, sometimes for both. The entrepreneur can allow the customer to buy their product or avail service online through the social network. The entrepreneur can also limit the customer to know only about the information and detail about the product or service but they cannot buy the product or service, they have to visit the entrepreneur in person.

The social networks are the medium that helps the entrepreneur to promote their product in a better way by using in-detail information, pictures, visuals and sometimes videos as well. The social network currently works as marketing tool for the entrepreneurs. The social network also allows the entrepreneurs to control their advertising cost. The social networks offer a feature which allows the entrepreneur to create a paid social network advertisement. It is an optional feature, it is the choice of entrepreneur if he wants to use the respective feature or not. In this way the entrepreneur can control the cost of advertisement the way they want to. Using the customers get better understanding and know more about the features along with the advantages of product and service. This better understanding urges them to buy the specific product or service. . Now people from different geographical locations know about their product or service and buy them which automatically increase their sale to a prominent rate.

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