Causes and Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is not a new word for people today, cancer is deadly illness which has no cure, cancer can be of any body part, but most commonly occurring cancers today are of blood, skin, lungs, and brain. Cancer is a state of uncontrolled cell growth, cells continue to grow abnormally and replace and compete with normal cells for nutrition, as a result body part or organ losses its normal structure and function. There are many causes of cancer, some are listed below.

  1. genetics or family history
  2. smoking
  3. environmental pollutants
  4. artificial food additives
  5. exposure to ionizing radiation
  6. Chronic and excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiations like rays from electronic devices, TV, mobile phone, computers.
  7. chronic irritation or continuous injury or friction
  8. infections with viruses like AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases

Cancer is not contagious disease, it does not transmit from person to person through blood, body secretions, skin or air droplets, except some viruses that can spread and cause infection and cancer. For example, some infections are caused by viruses which spread through sexual contact and cause cancer of genial organs.

Cancer is inherent and chronic illness, initially it cannot be diagnosed because cancer cells resemble very much too normal cells, it is manifested or shown in late stages.

Symptoms of cancer depend on the type of organ involved like lung cancer causes shortness of breath, blood in sputum, cough, etc., brain cancer causes headache, vomiting, paralysis, loss of vision or hearing etc., but all cancers have some common symptoms; these symptoms are loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, fever, muscle and bone pain etc. Some cancers spread from their primary sites through blood stream or lymph channels to other areas of body, these cancers are difficult to treat and are dangerous.

Cancer patients are helped by supportive treatment, there is no definitive treatment to totally stop cancer cell growth, there are three basic options for the treatment of cancers;

  1. Radiotherapy (it is defined as killing cancer cells by high energy ionizing rays, most advanced option is laser)
  2. Chemotherapy (in this method, drugs are used to kill cancer cells)
  3. Surgery (if cancer becomes uncontrolled, then involved part is removed by surgery)

Unfortunately, these all treatments have side effects and most of the times cancer cells re grow even after treatment, so prevention of cancer is more important than treatment. There are many precautions we can take to avoid this dangerous disease; some are described below;

  1. Eat natural food like fresh fruits, vegetables, these are gifts of nature which contain antioxidants and anticancer agents which prevent cancer cells to form, don’t use canned and preserved food which contain artificial preservatives these preservatives are cancerous agents
  2. Avoid pollution, grow plants around your homes and neighborhood because these plants remove cancerous agents from air and supply fresh air.
  3. Avoid skin cancer by avoiding excessive sunlight, wear protective clothing, apply sun block when outside, don’t use excessive cosmetic and creams. Treat skin wounds actively, avoid chronic skin friction.
  4. Avoid smoking; smoking is leading cause of lung cancer.
  5. Don’t be exposed to x ray radiation or ultrasound rays for minor medical problems.
  6. Don’t use electronic machines too much, like avoid sitting in front of computers and TV for long timings, talk less on mobile phone, and use these devices according to need.
  7. Get diagnosis and treatment of any genital infection if you are not using any safe sex method. Keep only one legal sexual partner.
  8. If you have family history of cancer, consult doctor and get checkups and laboratory investigations yearly for early diagnosis.

Remember cancer is not curable yet it is preventable, safe yourself and your future generations by taking safety measures today.