Herbal Medicine Has No Side Effect

What do you understand by herbal medicine?? Herbal medicines are made up of herbs, which are parts of plants, unlike allopathic medicines these medicines rarely have any side effects because these are derived from natural products of plants and contain harmless ingredients. Previously in old ages, when medical facilities were not available, people got help of traditional herbalists or therapists for treatment and relief of pain and other medical problems, but one thing about herbal medicines was that despite of their harmless nature, these medicines worked slowly, so scientists started working on drugs and products which have rapid effect on pain relief, wound healing, infections and other diseases, later when medical studies and researches began; people got diverted towards modern medicine due to its rapid mode of recovery, but people didn’t know that modern medicine has many side effects, like take the example of an antibiotic, antibiotics are medicines which are used to treat bacterial infections, these antibiotics not only kill bacteria but also damage normal cells, most vulnerable group of cells which are damaged by antibiotics are intestinal, skin and liver and kidney cells, resulting in loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, dry skin, skin allergies, dehydration and decreased urine output in a person who has been taking antibiotic for any infection, most dangerous effect of antibiotic is that is creates resistance against the specific bacteria if not taken for proper duration and in accurate dose, as result bacteria are not completely killed and they survived to reproduce new strains of bacteria which are non-responsive to antibiotics, and people get repeated infections.

Advantage of herbal medicine is that it has no side effect, it has targeted action on the disease or organism, without damaging normal body cells, one example is of ginger, ginger is root of a plant, and ginger has been traditionally used for treating cold, sore throat, cough, indigestion and many other diseases; Clove oil is used to treat dental and ear pain, and joint and mouth inflammations; Green tea leaves are used to treat obesity, as a remedy for sore throat, for relief of pain, for weakness and keep mind alert, green tea is also used to delay aging; mint leaves are used to relive indigestion, vomiting and as blood purifier; garlic is natural antibiotics, is used to treat inflammations, lowers blood pressure and has many antioxidants good for health. Many herbs have magical effects on skin diseases like rose petals are used to make rose water to refresh and tone skin, it purifies blood also and makes skin clear, aloe Vera is natural antibacterial agent and effective in soothing skin, relieving inflammation and sun burn, removes skin spots, blemishes and scars even. There is a long list of herbs and natural plants which we use daily in our diet which have numerous health benefits but we don’t know, herbal medicines are made of these natural herbs prepared by compacting these natural ingredients in form of syrups, tablets, teas and drinks after proper dosing and measurements so they can get fully effective in relieving specific illnesses. So start using herbal medicines to save you from complications of minor medical problems without any fear because God has created everything for the good of mankind, there is nothing useful then nature.