Penis Curve, Shape and Size Matters for Girls

Penis shape is also a concern for most guys, but as long as your penis is erected with full force and for sufficient duration to have normal pleasurable intercourse, it has no significance until and unless you have some pain or difficulty in intercourse. Normally penis is curved slightly to any direction, but if this curve is markedly significant or prominent with a lump, pain, or any inflammation, then you should consult doctor. Sometimes infections, diseases, or injuries can cause scar tissue to form on penis surface and that makes a curve. Curved penises usually don’t bother the female partner but sometimes if curve is very obvious it can hurt the vaginal surface and cause pain during intercourse. Otherwise slightly curved penis gives more pleasure because it touches the most sensitive areas of vagina inside. To avoid increased curvature of penis, man should avoid wearing tight undergarments, should maintain hygiene to prevent injury and trauma, and also protects penis from injury or direct blow. If penis develops curve that hurts you and cause difficulty in sex then doctor may give you some local medicines to apply for scar thinning or can advise surgery to straighten the penis, but surgery is usually not done initially, doctors wait for at least one year to solve the problem by local measures.