Women’s Health Including Sexual Enhancement, Breast Enlargement and Menopause

Women’s sexual health is very important matter because women are responsible for reproduction of generation and family, women’ sexual functions are controlled by female sex hormones, sex hormones play important role in monthly menstrual cycles and fertility. Women’s hormonal balance, cycles and sexual desires are closely, interrelated, if one thing is disturbed other factors automatically get altered; female sexual enhancement can be achieved by some measures listed below:

  1. Stress is key factor, which causes changes in hormonal levels, menstrual cycles and fertility. Stress should be avoided at any cost, healthy activities like light exercises, swimming, jogging, dancing etc, are very help full in relieving stress.
  2. Food is another important factor which determines sexual abilities and sexual function in women, diet rich in zinc, iron, calcium and vitamins is mandatory for normal sexual performances and sexual desire, diet containing essential nutrients which are required for sexual enhancement, is fresh fruits and vegetables like coconut, dates, milk, etc along with sea foods like fish and prawns, these foods not only enhance fertility but also has effects on long-term increase of sexual desire.
  3. Infections and diseases are also determinant of sexual dysfunction, vaginal area should be kept clean to avoid infection, skin of vagina should be kept moisturized by application of natural oils, it also helps in easy completion of sexual act as well prevents tears from deep penetration, infections are known to have inhibitory effects on sexual desire so these should be avoided, safe sex methods should be used, like use of condoms by partner and washing genitals after sex.
  4. Use of drugs like alcohol, and birth control pills as well as cigarettes also inhibits sexual functions and desires so these should not be used. Breasts enhancements methods and techniques are controversial issue, one group is in favor of it and other group describes it harmful for breast tissue, breast enhancement can naturally be obtained by doing massage of breasts, by eating fatty diet like cheese , milk mad eggs, breast tissue is made of fat , so use of fatty foods is justifiable, some surgical techniques are developed for breast enhancements which include breast implant, Augmentation etc, these are cosmetic procedures and are very expensive, so every one cannot afford it , some exercises s and chest workouts are very effective in breast enhancement, these exercises can be easily done at home , like revolving arms in circular motion, lifting small weights by arms.

Menopause is defined as cessation of menstrual cycle at an average age of 5o to 55 years, this is the stage when women are unable to become pregnant or conceive a child, but menopause doesn’t mean that women’s sexual life is stopped, after menopausal most women can enjoy sexual intercourse and pleasure, menopause is caused by decreased or absence of secretion of female sex hormone by brain, menstrual cycle and release of eggs from ovaries of females are under influence of these hormones; but when these hormone are not present in blood these two functions cannot be accomplished and menopause occurs. Menopause is normal aging process but can be delayed by exercise, yoga and good diet; foods which are effective in delaying menopause are foods containing vitamin E, zinc, iron, and vitamins like soybean oil, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, especially olives etc.