American Red Cross

In the past few years the world has faced different types of problems. There are some minor and some very major problems. The major problems faced by people are poverty and natural disasters. Yes, unfortunately in the past few years people have faced high poverty. There are people who do not get to eat proper food every day. These people live in slums and are facing different illness with every passing day. There are also some people who were living a normal, healthy life until they suffered through natural disasters. Yes, the rate of natural disasters has increased in the past few years. There are a lot of people who went through natural disaster and ended with having nothing and no one. These two groups of people suffer in different ways.

It is very important for everyone to help these two groups of people who are suffering in different ways. In order to help such people there are a huge number of people are stepping forward. Apart from people there are a lot of old as well as new organizations that are working to help these two groups of people in different ways. The American Red Cross is one of these organizations that works to make this better place for all types of people. This organization was started by Clara Barton in Washington on May 21, 1881. She was the first president of this organization. It is a nonprofit organization that works only for the betterment of the society. The organization aims to help the people who suffer due to natural disasters as well as poverty. The organization believes that it is right of everyone to live a respectful life without any discrimination.

The organization started its work by helping the less fortunate people of the society. However, with time the organization made a further step and started helping the people people suffer due to natural disasters. The organization helps people in different areas i.e. it offers community services to the needy people of the society. They offer comfort as well as communication services to the military people along with their families. Moreover the organization also offers blood as well blood products to the different people who are in need of it. The organization works without any type of discrimination of color, religion, culture or society.

There are different ways that anyone can use in order to help the less fortunate people of the society. If you belong to the fortunate group of people, then you can help people by donating money. However, if donating money is not possible, then you can be part of the organization by raising funds for the organization. Another way of helping people is by donating your blood. Yes, every once in a while you can donate blood and be part of this organization. Moreover, you can also teach different children and share your education. This is a long term help as teaching children assures their better and brighter future of the children as well as their families.