Animal Rescue Foundation

There are different types of living creatures in this world. In simple words, the world is not only a place for humans to live in. The animals are one of the most important part of this world. However, it is an absolute sad thing that the animals are not living the way they should. It is an obvious fact that animals cannot help themselves. They always need someone to take care of them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not realize this fact and are not responsible enough to help the animals. There are a lot of animals living on the road and starving to death and there are only few people who actually step forward and help these animals.

Looking at the different situations faced by animals every now and then, there are a lot of people who are taking this responsibility of helping animals in every possible way. For this purpose there are a lot of private organizations that are working to provide a better life for the animals. The Animal Rescue Foundation, ARF to help animals in different situations. The organization believes it is such a brutal act to kill animals no matter what. To stop this cruel act ARF is taking important steps. The organization does not work for any particular animal, but for all the animals around the world.

The origin of this organization began in 1990 during a baseball game. A stray cat was found extremely terrified due to the roar of the crowd. La Russa secured the cat for the remaining game. He then took the cat to find some shelter for him. To his shock, there was no local shelter that he could find for the cat. He and his wife decided to keep the cat until they find a shelter which took long time. This was a turing point in his life as he realized how creul the world is. He deicded to work for the animals who do not have a place to live. This is the time when the idea of ARF popped in his mind.

The organization believes that there should not be any animal killing or no animal should die just because they do not have a shelter. The organization believes in bringing human and animals closer so that they can develop a bond with each other. This bond encourages people to help the animals in different situations. The organization also works to educate people about basic human needs and rights of the animals. They help people understand that animals are also mportant part of the world and they have equal right to survive in the society.

The main function of this organization is to rescue animals. They also let people with kind heart to adopt animals. Moreover the organziatio also beliuevess that similar to human there should be a birth control system for animals. For this pirpose they give special information and trys to educate maximum people about their role in doing so.