Barefoot Foundation

Serving the humanity is the best thing to do. People find it endearing to help the less fortunate class of their society. Every religion and culture preaches the message of serving humanity. There are many well known personalities playing an important role to serve the people who are considered to be less fortunate people of the society. Shakira the singer, is one of these famous personalities. People now knows Shakira not only for her songs but also the amazing charity work that she do. In order to help people through a proper channel, Shakira came up with the idea of establishing an organization name Barefoot Foundation.

The Barefoot Foundation established in 1997 by the pop star Shakira in US. It is a non-profit organization that works for the children. The main aim of this organization is to provide education for children. When Shakira was 18 she made a promise to herself that she will help the poor children who live on the streets and are unable to get to regular schools on their own. Years later she remembered the promise and in 1977 established this organization. The organization understands the importance of education in every child’s life. Education is something that not only helps the child to grow into better person, but also improves the nation.

In order to start this organization Shakira made a decision to broaden her work for humanity with the partnership with UNICEF, the well known Global Campaign for the Education. It is an open platform for the people who want to help children study but do not have proper medium to do so. The organization allows every individual to pool in the fundraising programs. The founder of the organization Shakira herself collects a huge amount of donations through different charity concerts or by selling her personal belonging.

The organization strongly believes that education is not all about teaching children how to read and write. The true meaning of education is to brighten children’ s mind. There are a lot of children throughout the world who are a not mentally stable due to reasons like poverty and physical or mental violence. These children sometimes need years of therapy to start a normal life. The Barefoot Foundation helps these children by providing them these therapy sessions. Moreover the organization also provides special training to children in order to learn different skills which can help them in their future to persuade any career.

There is another foundation run by Shakira, the Pies Descalzos Foundation. Today the Barefoot Foundation has almost 6 schools which are run by the Pies Descalzos Foundation. Moreover the organization is also feeding more children with the nutritious food so that they can have better health. Moreover, these children also get special formal and psychological support from these schools. The overall organization is currently supporting more the 30,000 children along with their family.

Moreover for people who want to help this organization, there is a online procedure introduce through which anyone can support this organization and make this world a better place to live in.