Black Student Fund

Education is one of these most part of everyone’s life. Education is something that builds an individual’s personality and is one of the most important aspect to hope for a brighter future. However, due to poverty and lack of resources there are a lot of people who are helpless and cannot get an education. These people are living with few resources and are bound to send their children to work instead of sending them to school. These children work with their little hands and do not get to learn any type of education. This is the reason that they have few chances to get promoted or find a respectful job. They usually end up doing labor work all their life.

There are a lot of children who do not get an education due to discrimination. Yes, despite the fact that today people are living in the modern age, there is still discrimination made on a different basis. The most common and the oldest type of discrimination done all over the world is on the basis of color. Yes, there are still some narrow minded people who do not consider black people part of their world and do not miss a chance to show their hatred to them by doing the discrimination. In order to end this color based discrimination the BSF, Black Student Fund is working to help children. The BSF was started back in 1964. The main aim of this organization is to provide financial help and support to African-American children as well as their families.

The BSF assisted students get to go to school to get primary education. Then they get the opportunity to go to secondary school and pass with distinction. Moreover, these children also get access to college so that they can get further education. This organization works for the black children as they believe that black people have equal right to get all the basic human rights without facing any type of color discrimination. The organization makes sure that the black children are not left behind in any race of life. BSF makes sure that black students along with their families have proper access to all the educational opportunities.

BSF not only offers financial support, but they also provide complete assistance regarding any type of information related to education. They help children know what type of career program or subject is beneficial for them according to their ability. In order to help children learn and be part of extra curricular activities, the BSF also refer and support them to get into different summer camps so that they can socialize with the world and be part of it. For families who cannot afford to get higher education, the BSF also offer special grants to these children so that they can get maximum education. Moreover, they believe that the privacy of every individual is the most important thing, this is why children who get this financial grants are kept confidential so that they do not get any type of inferiority complex.