The world today need help. It is suffering from high inflation, unemployment and poverty. These things together is making the people living in this world suffer. There are people who cannot buy themselves or their family food and are suffering from serious diseases. There are hunger problems due to which people are dying. The children are not growing as per their age, neither mentally nor physically due to lack of nutritious food. They are not going to school due to lack of resources and have know basic knowledge about how to read and write which is important to survive.

It is very important for all the fortunate people of the society to help these less fortunate people however possible. There are a lot of organization who understand the need of hour and are working on different project in order to help all the less fortunate people of the society. The CARE organization is also one of the very famous organization that is helping a lot of people get over this poverty problem. This organization was established in 1945. It is a non government organization and one of the largest organizations that fights against the poverty all over the world. It is currently working in more than 84 countries and is helping more the 122 million people all over the world.

They are working on different project in order to help people without any type of discrimination of gender, color or religion. However, they believe that women are most important part of every nation and they should not be ignored in any way. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of discrimination between male and female member of the society. The world today is male dominating world. The CARE organization in order to promote their belief is working, especially on women empowerment. The reason behind it is to bring women equal to men in all fields of life. They aim to end this gender discrimination from all over the world.

The CARE organization focuses especially on the poor women as they believe that women plays an important role in birthing child, looking after her family and in upbringing of the children who are the future of the world. The organization is well equipped and with good enough resources in order to help women and end the poverty problems. Moreover, they also focus on the physical health of the women so that they can be part of the world. Their mission is to help families who are suffering from the poverty in different ways.

The organization also believes that nothing can be done without the support of the fortunate people of the society. For this purpose they doors of the CARE organization are always open for the general public. People can be part of this organization by donating money or even by contributing their time in different projects so that more and more people can get maximum help from the general public and from the organization. People can use their website in order to donate money.