Children’s Health Fund

It is a firm believe of every nation all over the world that the children are future hope. Every nation believes that their children will grow into a well mannered and well educated person that will enlighten every nation. It is a true fact that children truly are the hope of every nation. However, another true factor about these children is that they are not living the life they deserve. There is a huge percentage of children found living in slums. These children do not have any nutritious food to eat that can help them to grow according to their age. These children are physically as well as mentally weak and are unable to participate in nation building activity no matter how hard they try.

For the sake of a better future of every nation it is very important for everyone to help these children live the life they deserve. For this purpose, it is important for people to join hands in order to help these children. Luckily, there are a lot of organizations that are working specifically for children. The Children’s Health Fund is one of these organizations that is working to help children live a better life as compared to current life. This organization was started in 1987 almost 26 years ago. Since its establishment this organization has been successfully working to help the children living in slums or poverty. This organization was founded by the singer as well as writer Paul Simon along with the child advocate Irwin Redlener. This organization is highly committed to provide health care services to children.

The Children’s Health Fund works on different projects. The main aim of every project is to help children. The main projects include; working on the development and supporting the innovative and comprehensive health care programs. The organization also aims to reduce the impact that is caused to children due to the public health crises taking place all over the world. The organization also believes that it is important and need of the hour to promote the health care education all over the world. For this purpose the organization also works on promoting the health along with the well being of children all over the world.

The organization works on the funds collected by different people. The collected funds are well utilized as per the need of the children. The organization is using funds to support and promote a national network of pediatric programs in different rural as well as urban communities worldwide. The organization is supporting this program to help the homeless as well as for children who are medically compromised. The organization is using the funds to provide continuous help to the children so that they can live a healthy life. Moreover the organization is also educating the general public about all the health related issues so that they know what precautionary measures are important to survive in the society. The organization also keeps their people update about their different current as well as upcoming programs through their website.