Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization

Living in a world full of needy people and yet ignoring it is not possible. There are a lot of people who are living the worst life that anyone can even think of. There individuals and families that are suffering from the disease like poverty. Yes, poverty is a disease that is eating up people especially children. Children are always said to be indivially on which the future of every nation depends. These children due to lack of sufficient food and lack of education are not growing as per the rule of nature. There are a lot of children who are victim of child labor which also leads them to violence which is a crime. These children are mentally and physically tortured by different people and they have no way out to escape this cruel situation. They are facing serious hunger problems and ends up eating trash. This is the reason that they fall seriously ill and end up dying at very small age.

As per the situation of the world it is now complusary to every human being to help these children live a normal life. There are many people who are helping and are helping them in different ways. Moreover there are also a lot of organization that are working to bring better life style to these children. While talking about organizations no one can ignore UNICEF. UNICEF, United Nations International Children Emergency Funds is one of the best and most popular organization that is working for betterment of these children not in some countries but almost all over the world. It is non profit organzaition that works with regardless of any type of reward from anyone.

There are different programs on which UNICEF is currently working. One of its famous program is Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization. This organization works not only for one or two rights of children but focuses on every right. They believe that children should get all the rights so that they may grow well as well as healthy and help to be part of better future. The organzaition believes that no matter where and in what circumstances a children are born, they are vulnerable and need to be helped in every way possible in order to give them a better and healthy life. The organization started its work right after the World War ll and since then it has been working with partners like government, public and families currently in over 190 countries all over the world.

The Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization is not only working for the daily routine needs of the children but are also making efforts to help children in emergency situations. In order to help more and more children the Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization allows individuals to be part of it. Any one can donate monthly, annually or send occasional gifts to the children an be part of this noble cuase. Moreover they also offer career opportunities for people so that they can help more and more children all over the world.