Children’s Rights & Emergency Relief Organization

There is a high rate of inflation all over the world. People are loosing their jobs and house. There are people who are suffering from bad debt and other infinite problems. They have nothing to wear and not even a single thing to eat. This is the reason that poverty is reaching heights all over the world. Everyone is suffering from these crises, but the situations are worst for the children. Yes, children who are the future of every nation are suffering the most in this world. Due to inflation a large number of children who are unable to go to school or any other educational institute. These children are not getting enough food to grow. There are a lot children throughout the world that are dying of hunger and cold.

To end this poverty problem, especially for kids, there are a lot of organizations that are working. UNICEF, United Nations International Children Emergency Funds are the most popular organization working for a better a life for children. This organization was established back in December 11, 1946. The main aim of this organization is to provide food and special health care facilities for children all over the world. The idea of UNICEF was started after the World War ll. The organization played an important role in providing not only food, but also health care to the children who were victims of the war. This was the time when the UNICEF team decided to continue their work so that they can help people who are suffering from hunger and medical problems.

The UNICEF has been working since then in order to provide a better future for the children. The reason behind working for children is pretty obvious that the children are the future of every country. The organization offers food to children suffering from the poverty and are not growing well. The organization offers same food and the same facilities for all the children. There is no discrimination for any children all over the world. The children are offered special nutritious food so that they can grow well as per the nature’s rule.

The organization not only focus on providing food to children, but also take special care of their health. Due to bad financial conditions and poor environments, there are a large number of children that are suffering from different diseases and illness. It is very important for every child to survive, to live without any disease and in good health. For this purpose the organization offers special medical care to all the children. There are also some precautionary measures taken monthly and annually so that less people may fall ill.

Apart from health, the UNICEF is also working to provide education to children all over the world. There are special schools that work under the organization. Free education and free books are offered to the children all over the world so that they can earn a better future. Moreover, they also teach some special skills so that they can live a better life by utilizing these skills.