Children’s Scholarship Fund

Education is a very important part of everyone’s life. Education is one the basic human needs that everyone should get right from their childhood. Unfortunately the current economic condition of the world does not allow everyone to get educated. There is high inflation all over the world due to which the rate of poverty is like never before. This is the reason that the poor people of the world are unable to get themselves and their families basic human needs like education. There are children who neither physically nor mentally are growing fast due to poverty. These children are unfamiliar with the basics of how to read and write.

As, everyone knows that every nation depends on its children and youth. They are the future of every country. This is the reason that everyone should do more than just an effort to help children’s education. There are many people and organizations working for this cause. The Children’s Scholarship Fund is one of these organizations. It is one of the highest trust worthy organization working for the education of the children. The main aim of this organization is to help low income families so that they can send their children to education institutes.

The Children’s Scholarship Fund was founded in 1998 almost 2016 years ago. The founders of this organization were Late John Walton and Ted Forstmann. Originally they were the donors to the Washington Scholarship Fund (WSF). However, later on these two men decided to establish an organization that only supports the families with low income who cannot send their children to schools. In 1998 there were more than 8000 applications for scholarship in the WSF. This was the time when these two men realized that the real problem was to provide alternative schools to the low income families. The idea was to provide families with low income a private or parochial school as an alternative to the public school.

The founders and the team of Children’s Scholarship Fund travelled through different countries in search for the partners for this organization. Once they have had enough partners, then the news was spread everyone through different channels. The response of families was much more than the organization thought. The first batch of application contained 1.25 million children. These applications were of parents who want their child to study, but cannot afford to do so. The selection of the applications were done on the basis of their financial condition.

At first the Children’s Scholarship Fund was only four year program. However, due to the response of the parents it became quite obvious that in order to make a good foundation of children the program need to be extended to 8th grade. Moreover the organization decided to give scholarship to the siblings so that more and more children can get education. Today the scholarships are offered annually. There more the 8300 scholarships affiliated in this program in New York who are the benefits of this scholarship and are ensuring a better future for themselves.