Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Every living person on this earth go through different types of problems all their life. The problems that they face varies from one another. However one of the most serious problem that one has to deal with is health problem. Yes, the health problem is a very serious problems that one every individual faces atleast once in their life. There are different types of health problems that people face. Some problems are pretty much easy to cure if diagnosed on time, while on the other hand there some problems that suddenly attack any individual and are very difficult to cure. No matter how big or small problem may be, it is terrifying to deal with it for every individual.

It is a sad fact about the world today, that apart from health problems there are a lot of people who are facing financial problems as well. There is a strong relationship between health and financial condition of every individual. In order to cure bad health, everyone need proper treatment. The medical treatment never comes free of cost to anyone. Due to high inflation, the price of each and every thing is increasing. The inflation is the reason that the price of medical services is also increasing with every passing day. There are a lot of people who cannot pay for their medical expenses and hence are not able to deal with their illness.

Looking at the need of people, there are a lot of organizations working to help people facing such situation. There are different organization that are working to fulfill different needs of the people all around the world. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is also one of these organization that is helping out people. This organization helps people who suffer due to bad health byt are low on resources in order to cure their illness. The main aim of this organization is to help such people in order to make life little bit easy for them. The organization is one of the most popular and highly trusted non profit organization that works for the betterment of the people around them.

The orgin of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation was started in 1982. The name Christopher do ring bells in everyone’s mind. Yes, the founder of this organzaiton was the great Christopher, famously known as super man and his sister Dana Reeve. During an accident the Christopher faced a huge damage i.e. he was paralyzed due to some damage in spinal cord. He had to go through a ver painful and expensive procedure to get over this problem and it took a lot of time. This was the time when he could relate to the sufferings of the people who are facing this problems. He further realized that there are a lot of unfortunate people who are facing this problem but do not have enough money to cure their problem. At this time Christopher and his sister Dana together founded the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, to help the needy people.