Church Action on Poverty

Living a perfect life in impossible since forever. There is no one on this earth who can actually say that he/she is living a perfect fairy tale life. Every person faces different types of problems all their life. They go through different situations and in these situations they face different types of problems. These problems can be huge one or small but their presence is a known thing. In order to survive in the society everyone has to deal with these problems no matter what. There are two type of people who are part of every society, the fortunate class and the less fortunate class. These two groups faces almost same problem but they intensity of the problem varies from one another.

The problems that are mainly faced by the lower class of the society are caused by poverty. The poverty is an economy eating disease that is affecting the society from the roots. There are few serious problems that the lower class of the society is facing. These serious problems includes unavailability of food, house and education. It is basic human right to get food that is full of nutrition, a shelter that they can call their home and access to educational institute for the sake of getting education. It is an unfortunate thing that due to poverty, people today are not getting their very basic rights. The lower class of the society is mostly living on the road side or in the slums that are made in very low standard places of every city. The slums are invaded very often by the government as they are illegal so, people end up living on the road side. Moreover it is a known fact that the nutritious food is extremely important for human growth. However, the lower class of the society barely gets anything to eat and most of the time it is trash from the garbage.

Looking at the increasing rate of poverty, there are a lot of people who have realized that it is high time that they should join hands and help each other. The Church Action on Poverty is one of the well-known organization that works for the betterment of the society. It is a UK-based Christian society that works to put an end to the poverty and all the problems caused by it. The Church Action on Poverty works in collaboration with the churches. It is an organization that works with the people living in poverty so that they can help themselves and find maximum solutions to end poverty from the world. The Church Action on Poverty was started in 1982 by John Battle and its head office is in Manchester. The Church Action on Poverty works in different ways in order to end poverty. They offer shelter to the people living on the road side. The organization believes to get these people better life, it is very important to restore their self-respect and dignity. For this purpose the organization starts with giving them shelters so that they can have little bit privacy and space from the rest of the world.