Doctors without Boundary

Every human being is born with some basic human rights that no one can steal from them. These basic human rights are right to live, right to eat, right to get an education and right to get health care. However, unfortunately today people are living without these basic rights due to high rate of poverty. The poverty rate has struck the sky and is affecting a lot of people. The poverty is the reason people are unable to live with their basic rights. There are hunger problems due to poverty. However, in order to live alive people need to feed on something. For this purpose people usually eat whatever un-hygienic they find in the trash. This leads them to some serious illness which needs immediate care. However, due to lack of resources people do not get proper health care and usually end up dying.

Looking at the serious health problems faced by people, there are many organizations who took are a stand and are helping people all over the world in order to get over their health issues. Doctors without borders is also one of these organizations. It is an international organization that works to provide immediate and proper health care to people all over the world. The Doctors without Borders is an organization that was founded by the doctors as well as journalists in France back in 1971. The main aim behind establishing this organization was to provide health care service to people who need health care. The organization believes that it is everyone’s right to get proper health care and that also on time.

The Doctors without Borders is currently working almost more than 60 countries. The organization works for people who are suffering due to poverty, domestic violence or any other health issue. The organization also works especially for people who suffer through some natural disasters and are in bad physical or mental health which are usually aftermaths of every incident. The organization believes that if proper health care service is offered to people who are desperately in need of it, only then the world can be a peaceful place to live in. Moreover, there are some diseases that spread from one person to another at a very high speed. In order to stop these diseases from transmitting from one individual to another, it is important to cure it one time.

The Doctors without Borders is a highly trusted organization. It’s appreciated at an international level and in 1999 they received the Nobel Peace Prize for this noble cause that they are working on. The organization aims to help people in each and every corner of the world. They believe that medical, health should be offered to everyone without any type of discrimination of religion, culture or political affiliation. The Doctors without Borders works independently without any type of pressure or affiliation with any polictial party, religion or military. The human need is the most important thing and they do not believe working under pressure from anyone.