Edhi Foundation

Serving the mankind is the one of the most amazing things do. There are many people who help others through different sources. While taking about serving mankind the first name that hit everyone’s mind is Abdul Sattar Edhi. They very well known and highly trusted Edhi Foundation is established and run by this great man. This nonprofit organization was started back in 1951 when Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilqius were the only people on the board. They started with less resources, but high hopes in their mind help the less fortunate people of the society. Back then when this foundation was started it was only one room foundation, but now they have more than 300 Edhi centers in all the big and small cities. The best thing about the Edhi Foundation is that they help everyone regardless of their caste, religion, color or nationality. Anyone who asks for help is served in every possible way.

There are currently many services offered by the Edhi Foundation. However, the most popular and highly used by people is their 24 hour emergency service. They offer 24 hour help for any type of emergency, be it medical, claiming dead body, providing shelter and so on. They started this service back in 1952 with a used Pickup truck, which they converted into an ambulance. The ambulance was named “Poor Patient Ambulance”. Now there are more than 1800 ambulances that run across in different cities. Other then an ambulance, they also have two aircrafts and one helicopter which is used to help people who are in very bad condition or stuck in very unusual places. Moreover, in order to help the flood victim, they also have 28 boats. The Edhi Foundation worker’s are only one call away from helping people.

Another highly appreciated service of Edhi Foundation is their Edhi homes. Yes, there are special homes for people who do not have a shelter to hide. They started with Edhi Homes for old age people, but now they have successfully established almost 18 special homes in Pakistan. Now there are Edhi homes for old age people, orphans, physically disable people and mentally disable people. Moreover, there are some special house for women who have suffered domestic violence. There are more than 8500 people who are living under these shelters.

In order to educate more and more people, the Edhi Foundation has opened Edhi Schools. The schools are located in Karachi, Nawabshah and Mirpurkaas. There are primary as well as elementary schools in order to teach more and more people. These schools are for children who cannot afford to study due to poverty or any other reason. Moreover the Edhi Foundation highly believes in self helps, so for this purpose they have a special Edhi Rozgar scheme for people who are unable to earn their living through a respectable source. The Edhi Foundation during the launch of its first phase in Karachi distributed 500 rickshaws among different needy people. These rickshaws were distributed on no profit no loss basis.

The main of introducing these services is to make the society a better place and to bring equality among people.