Emergency Nutrition Network

One of the basic need of every human body is food. It is impossible to stay alive more than just a few days without having proper food. It is important to feed on food in order to live a healthy life. However, feeding on any food is not important, the main thing is to get nutritious food. The human survival is completely based on nutritious food. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources there are a lot of people who do not get to eat nutritious food. These people due to lack of essential nutritions in their body are falling ill day in day out. Looking at the need of hour it is very important for people to do some effort so that more and more people can get nutritious food in their daily routine.

The ENN, Emergency Nutrition Network is an organization who understands the important of nutritions and are working on its availability. The ENN was started in 1996. The founder of this organization is an internal group of different humanitarian agencies who help people learn more and more about nutrition sector of the world. The organization works to strengthen the nutrition sectors of the society so that people can get more and more nutritions. Since the foundation of this organization has worked on development of nutrition sectors in different ways. They have produced special type of supplements that are important for the production of nutritions.

In order to help more and more people in different ways the ENN is working on different researches. The main reason behind these researches is to know more about nutritions and to explore different ways of improving this sector. There are different reports generated by ENN regarding nutrition sectors which work as a pilot study for a lot of people. There is also some training material introduced for people who are new in this field so that they, how can then produce best quality nutritions for people all over the world. Different meetings are held to discuss how the nutritions sector can be improved in different possible ways.

The vision of ENN is to help people who are caught in any nutritional emergency in any corner of the world. The organization offers the immediate and most effective help to people in emergencies. The organization aims that from government level to private level and from the policy makers to people who work in the field, it is very important to respond them whenever in an emergency. The organization keeps records of previous to know that what type of help can be offered as best solution in any type of crises. The networks also believe that they should share their research and information with everyone so that maximum people can learn and help each other.

The ENN is an independent organization and is responsible for all, the success or failure. Currently there 200 agencies of ENN working world. They publish different articles and researches so that more and more people can learn from them and practice whatever they learn.