Food for Hunger

One of the serious problems faced by the world today is hunger problem. Yes, the human survival is not at all possible without food. However, despite this true fact, there are plenty of people who are suffering due to hunger problems all over the world. These people do not get enough food that is important for their survival. Children, who are a very important part of each and every nation are also suffering in different ways due to hunger problems. For the proper growth of children, it is important for them to consume nutritious food on a daily basis. However, the children living in poverty instead of feed on nutritious food starves for days. This is the reason that these children are physically as well as mentally weak.

In order to help these people there are a lot of organizations working to end the hunger problems. The Food for the Hungry is also one of these organizations that works to end the hunger problems. As the name says, the Food for the Hungry works to solve the hunger problems. The organization believes that it is a core right of every individual to eat a plate full of nutritious food at least twice a day. The organization believes that no one should starve, not even for a single day. There should not be any news like people are dying because of hunger. In order to make the world perfect place and to encourage people to be part of the nation, it is important to end the hunger problem. As, people can be part of the nation only if their stomach are not empty and they have physical as well as mental strength to work for their country.

The Food for the Hungry was founded long ago in 1971 by the Dr. Larry Ward. The founder of the organization believed that it is important to walk with the leaders, churches as well as families in order to end the poverty which is the root cause of all the problems. In order to transform his belief in reality he established this organization. It is a nonprofit organization that works for the people living in poverty all over the world. The organization works regardless of any gender or color discrimination. The organization provides equal resources for all the individuals living in poverty so that they can improve their living standards.

The Food for the Hungry works to end hunger problems for the entire world, however their main concern is children. The organization agrees to the fact that children are the very important asset of every nation. The children are the part of the nation building activity, but sadly due to hunger problems these children are found working on the street in order to earn some money and feed themselves. These children, despite the hard work are underpaid. Moreover, these children are also into beggary as they find it easy money. They have no access to basic education, due to which they do not have enough hope for a better future.