Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief for Children

The world today is going through the worst financial and economical crises. The world economy is upside down and making people suffer in different ways. The worst thing about this unstable economy that is caused due to high inflation is high rate of poverty. The poverty is increasing day by day. Due to this high poverty people are facing extreme situations like starvation. There is huge number of people that are dying every day as they don’t have suffient food to eat. The worst thing about this scenario is that a huge number of children are victim of this poverty. Children who are known best as the future of every country are either not growing well or are dying of starvation. Moreover the children who have food to eat do not have money and resources to get education so that they can be part of the better future.

In order to help these people especially children there are many organzaition playing their role. However one of the highly trusted organization is UNICEF, United Nation International Children Emergency Funds. The main aim of this organization is to Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief for Children. It is the special program that is currently working only for the betterment of the children as the organization believes that children all over the world are the true future of every nation. The UNICEF came into being in December 11, 1946. The organization works for different sectors of the society however their main aim is to provide children a better life so that they can grow well.

After World War ll it was prominently noticed by everyone throughout the world that children were the victims that suffered the most. There was a huge number of children who died, suffered thorugh incurable illness, lack of educational resources and most importantly hunger problems. Looking at the situation the idea of started this organization came in. Since then the UNICEF has been working in order to provide children a better life. There are a lot of project on which the organization is working so that they can provide maxium help to the children.

The Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief for Children is a special program of UNICEF. This is a special program which provides help to the children in case of any emergency. Most of the emergency that are usually faced by children are accidents, lost & found case, natural disasters and any other medical problems. The organization is always on alert and ready to help people all over the world. Moreover they have mobile clinic to provide immediate as well as direct help to the special children

Moreover in order to help more and more children UNICEF offers an online procedure so that people from different countries can be part of this program. Apart from collecting funds, UNCIEF also provides career opportunities to individually who want to be part of the organization. The UNICEF allows individuall to be part of their team and help the children in every way possible.