There are different types of problems that the world today is facing. One of these problems is the environment. It may seem small to people, but the world environment is going through different crises. There is global warming, unlimited pollution as well as energy crises. In order to make the world a better place to live in, it is very important to end these problems. The global warming is dangerous for to the existence of the mankind all over the world. The increasing pollution is causing health problem day in day out. The energy crises are the reason behind the unavailability of the resources these days. There are very limited organizations that are working to end these problems. One of these few organization is the National Resources Defense Council,NDRC, that is working to end all the environmental problems.

The NDRC is an organization that was founded in 1970 by, Richard Ayres, John Bryson, Edward Strohbehn, and Gus Speth along with the some scientists as well as attorneys. The reason behind establishing this organization was to seek policies from the government and industrial corporations. The organization focuses on reducing global warming, reduce increasing population and ending energy crises. The NDRC works to enforce and implement the law of Clean air act and Clear water act so that everyone can live in better environments without falling ill. The organization focuses on solving and ending all the energy and pollution problems. The organization believes that it is right of every individual to live in clean and problem free atmosphere so that they can live a healthy life and participate in all daily activities without any hurdle.

The organization believes that no problem can be solved until or unless the public decides to participate and be part of this problem solving activities. For this purpose the organization educates people by offering different training sessions so that more and more people can help this organization to achieve their goal. In these training sessions the organization trains people and inform them how the environmental problems are disturbing their life. The organization also educates people what small steps they can take so that they can share their part in ending these problems.

There are different projects on which NDRC is currently working. The Climate and Clean Air Program is one of these projects. In this project the organization focuses on clean air. The organization believes that clean air is very important for human survival. The polluted air causes different types of small problems which in matter of time turns into some serious problems that are dangerous to human health. In order to get clean air it is very important to control the air pollution as well as noise pollution. The organization is also working on different health problems. The health problems are usually caused due to dirty drinking water. Water is one of the basic human body needs. For, human survival it is very important to drink clean water. Unfortunately, there are infinite people who do not get clean water. In order to clean drinking water available to everyone all over the world, the organization is working on the respective project.