New York Restoration Project

It is an obvious fact that change is one of the most important things in this world. Before the advancement in technology the nature was found all over the world. There was a natural beauty in every corner of the world. Trees are one of the most important parts of this natural beauty. Unfortunately the existence of this beauty instead of increasing is decreasing with every passing day. The trees are not only part of beauty, but they also offer variety of services to man, in construction of houses, for producing, manufacturing goods as wells for commodities that are used to import as well as export purposes. These services offered by trees play an important role in improving the economy of the country.

Despite the fact that trees play an important role in the betterment of the economy, another fact that cannot be ignored is that there is some devastating effect that comes along all these benefits that are availed by cutting these trees. The trees are no more found in a huge number. Unfortunately, there is more focus on cutting trees and less on planting new one. Due to this unbalance, trees are slowly vanishing from the universe. The decreasing number of trees is not only the vanishing beauty from the world, but the availability of wood is decreasing with every passing day.

Looking at the need of the hour there are a lot of people who are planting trees at different scale. The New York Restoration Project is an organization that is working to save the trees from this cruel world. This organization was founded in 1995 by Bette Milder a famous entertainer. The idea of establishing this organization was clicked when she saw found that a lot parks and streets were literally looking like a huge sea of the litter. The appearance of parks and streets was able to tell the story about how they were neglected by people. No one bothered to clean their surroundings. This was an eye opener for and she finally started to take some initiative to save the New York City. This idea within a few months was established by the New York Restoration Project.

Since its establishment, this organization has been working on different programs. All these programs lead to saving gardens, parks and trees in the neighborhood. The organization works on reconstructions of several parks who are now looking like a trash house. They work for the maintenance of the parks. The organization believes that they cannot do anything on its own until people agree to participate. For this purpose the organization arranges different events in different parks so that more and more people can be part of the fund raising program. Moreover the organization believes that the participation of people is very important in every possible. The organization also arranges different educational programs so that people know why they need to save the parks and gardens. Moreover, these educational programs also help people to know how they can save the parks and gardens.