ONE Organization

The world today is facing a series of problems. One of these problems is poverty which is basically the mother of all the problems faced by people all over the world. Poverty is a problem that every country is facing since forever, however, there has been a rapid increase in the poverty due to the inflation and economic instability. There are a lot of people who are victims of poverty and are living a tough life. These people are known as less fortunate class of the society. These people have limited access to the basic human necessities and still they manage to survive in the society somehow. These people do not have enough resources to utilize and through which they can at least hope for a better future.

The poverty comes up with different types of problems which include extreme hunger problem and bad health. The poverty causes situations like extreme hunger in which people starve for days. Due to hunger problem a lot of people who live on the day, look in trash in search of food. Whatever unhealthy food they find in the trash is enough for them. The starvation is the reason that these people ignore the fact that the food found in the trash can give birth to some serious disease. Looking at the condition of the society, there are a lot of organizations that are helping people living in the poverty. ONE is also one of these organizations that is working to help the people living in the poverty.

ONE is an advocacy organization that was founded almost 10 years ago on 16 May, 2004. The reason behind the establishment of this organization was to fight against the extreme poverty that are found in different countries, especially in Africa where there are extreme hunger problems. This organization was founded by Bono with collaboration of political leaders. The organization aims to fight against the high rate of poverty so that people can live a peaceful life all over the world. The organization believes that poverty is the reason that there are diseases like AIDS and other unpreventable diseases. In order to end these problems it is important to make sure that people all over the world are getting nutritious food which is the most important thing needed for proper human growth.

ONE is a non-profit organization that works with different partners(non-profit) to achieve their goal. The organization currently is supporting 7.5 million people who are living a poor life due to poverty. Moreover, the organization is also working on a special program in which they help people fight against the AIDS. However the main concern of the organization is to provide healthy food to the people all over the world. The organization also allows the general public to be part of the organization by donating and helping the lower class of the society. The organization has an online procedure through which people from all over the world can donate money and be part of the nation saving movement.