People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals

Animals are one of the most important parts of the world.they have equal right to live and that also a better life. There is not even a single country of the world that is not blessed with different type of animals. Like humans, animals also have some basic rights which include right to live, right to have shelter and right to feed. However, animals depend on human in order to get access to their rights. The poverty is spreading its wings all over the world. The victims of poverty are not only human but also animals. Due to poverty there is lack of food all over the world animals are also starving to death. As, they cannot feed themselves so, it is right of every human to take care of the animals around them.

Looking at the condition of the animals there are a lot of people working for them. Moreover, there are also a lot of organizations that are working specifically working for the animal rights. The People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals also known as PETA is also one of the most famous organization that works for the animal health care service. It is an American, non profit organization that works for the animal rights at an international level. The organization believes that animal has equal right to live a sound life. They deserve to be free and roam around as per their own free will. Animals are not puppets that a human can operate as per their wants or desired. The organization works for the animal rights and keeps a check and balance on it.

The PETA started in 1980 by the Ingrid Newkrik and Alex Pacheco. The organization worked for a year and then they first got their attention in 1981 due to the sliver spring monkey case. The organization was the first one to stand against this case. The organization believes similar to a human, the animal does not deserve to be tortured in the name of some experiments. PETA believes that experimenting on animal is a cruel crime that should be stopped all over the world. Since then the organization has always been in limelight for saving the life of many animals all over the world. The organization is against the cock, dog and bull fighting. The organization does not believe in getting any entertainment by forcing one animal to hurt the other animal.

Today the organization has more than 300 employees that are working for the human rights. There are millions of members as well as supporters of the organization that are part of animal rights movement. The organization also provides shelter as well as medical treatment to the animal to ensure their good health. Every individual can be part of this organization by donating and supporting any animal. Moreover, everyone is welcome to volunteer and work with the organization in order to make this a better place for the animals. There are different career programs offered by the organization in order to attract more and more people to this noble cause.