Save the children

Everyone knows that the world today is facing a few ups and a lot of downs. There are some major problems like poverty. The less fortunate people are the true victims of the poverty. Among the less fortunate people the children who are the hope of every nation are suffering the most. It is a core right of every child on this earth to eat nutritious food so that they can grow well. They have right to go to school and learn how to read and write. Unfortunately the children today is not even getting even 1 percent of their basic rights. Instead, they are living in poverty and some of them are into child labor, which is a shameful thing.

In order to help such people there are many organizations that are working. Save the Children, is one of these organizations that works for the children. It is an international organization that works for children all over the world. It is one of the oldest non government, non profit organization that was established in 1919 in the United Kingdom. The main of this organization is to provide basic needs of life to these children so that they can have a better future.

There are many projects on which this organization works. All the projects are children oriented in order to provide children a better present so that they can have a brighter future. The education believes that in order to live a better life, it is important for children to have good health. For this purpose they offer children proper and immediate health care services to make sure that they are perfect in health. They also provide education to children as the organization believes that children cannot have a better future until or unless they get proper education.

Save the children also works for the people who suffer through natural disasters or war. There are a lot of children who previously were living a better life, but due to the natural disaster or war or any other incident they end up with nothing. These children have equal rights to start their life again and that also in a better way. Apart from working for the better health of these children, the organization also understands that these children also undergo some serious mental trauma. This state of trauma is not treated on time can end up compromising on the working of the brain. This is why these children are treated with different psychiatrist sessions.

The organization is open for everyone to be part of it and save these tiny humans so that they can have a better life. People can be part of it by donating online. It is not compulsory to visit the organization. Anyone can donate by sitting at home. There is an online procedure through which people can donate as much as they can. The money you donate is utilized to bring hope in the life of children and to ensure their better future as, the future of the nation also depends on the future of these children.