Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

For a long time people were trapped in the misconception that cancer can’t be cured. With the passage of time and with improvement in medicine now almost everyone knows and believes that cancer is curable. However, curing cancer or the treatment for cancer is pretty much expensive throughout the world. The less fortunate people cannot afford to get this treatment easily and hence end up suffering with this disease. Looking upon this problem faced by people the well known cricketer of all time, Imran Khan made a decision to help people out. The dream was not only made a hospital that offers treatment for cancer, but also offer free treatment to all the less fortunate people of the society. He was the most famous cricketer of the time. So, he decided to use his fame for the noble cause and raise appeal for fund at 10 Nov, 1989. The construction of the hospital was started in 1991, however the hospital was officially inaugurated in 1994.

The hospital was named after Khan’s mother, Shaukat Khanum. The hospital is known as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. It is one of the best cancer hospitals throughout the world and the very first cancer hospital in Pakistan. The Shaukat Khanum hospital is a non profit hospital which works only to help people fight this disease. The hospital was started with the fundraising program. Due to an image and popularity of Khan, there was a huge donation made not only from Pakistan but from Muslims throughout the world. Khan himself never felt shame in applying for funds, be it on national television or different events and made his maximum efforts to make this hospital a huge success. The hospital still works on the basis of the fund that is collected in the form of the charity.

The best thing about this hospital is its rules. The Shaukat Khanum was started with the aim of treating people on a equal level without any discrimination on the basis of color, caste or status and it is still standing on the same ground bound by rules. Free medical treatment is offered to the people who cannot afford to do so. However the well off people have to pay all the required dues. Moreover, there is no special treatment for people who are paying for the treatment in terms of giving special or extra time.

There is a huge list of donors who offer annual donations to this hospital. Every year special events are held for the fundraising program in which all the donors are invited. Moreover, in order to keep the donors updated about how their money is being used, the hospital has everything present in black white. Anyone can visit the official website of the hospital and check the detail of the charity collected and how it is being utilized. The donations can be made in different ways. Almost all the banks of Pakistan accept the donations for Shaukat Khanum. Moreover to make it easier for people, now everyone can donate money to the hospital using their mobile phone.

In order to help people living abroad, the hospital also provides the facility of donating online.