Teach for America

It is a known fact that children are said to be future of every nation all over the world. Children are the hope of everyone. People believe that it is important for every child to grow well and to get proper education so that they can be part of the nation building activity. For this purpose, it is important for every child to get proper information. Unfortunately, due to high poverty and lack of resources not every child is able to go to school or any other informational institute to even get basic education. Children instead of being part of the nation building activity they are found doing labor work at a very small age. These children are born with talent but do not have any resources to utilize their talents in an effective way.

The Teach for America is an organization that works to provide education for children. This organization was established in 1989 by Wendy Kopp. Since its establishment there has been more than 28000 corps member who have made a complete commitment to the organization. The reason behind starting this organization was to make education common all over to world. For more than 22 years, this organization has been working on this noble cause successfully. The organization offers education to lower income members of the society. The organization believes that just because children do not have enough resources it does not mean that their children should stay uneducated. It is important for every child’s future to get education.

The organization works without any type of discrimination among children. They are an independent organization that works without any type of pressure from government or any religion or political party. The main goal of this organization is to solve the education inequality in that is common in every society these days. To make sure that with the investment that they make for the betterment of society, helps to end poverty all over the world. The organization believes that whatever they teach children today will be under implementation tomorrow. So, the future of the nation depends on what is being taught to the children.

Everyone is allowed to be part of the organization just by making a donation. There is an online method through which everyone can donate and be part of this organization. However to be part of this organization, it is not compulsory to donate money. One can also contribute his or her time in order to spread their education among children. The organization also offers career opportunities for people so that they can be part of the organization. In order to be part of this organization, it is not compulsory that one has to have an experience of teaching. Anyone with good teaching skills can be part of this organization. Moreover the organization works as a joint venture with the general public. Moreover apart from general education the organization also teaches different type of skills to children that they can utilize in different way and live a better life.