UNICEF Innovation

There is poverty everywhere in this world these days. People are facing serious problems like hunger problems. Among all the people, children are suffering the most. Children who are builing stone of every nation do not have enough sources to grow well and be part of the nation. Children all over the world are suffering from different diseases due to which their mental and physical growth is being compromised. In order to help these children UNICEF, United Nation International Children Emergency Funds are playing an important role. UNICEF is one of the most famous organization that work almost all over the world in order to help children live a better life and be part of the nation building wall.

UNICEF was founded back in 1946 by the United Nations General Assembly. The main aim to start this organization was to start an emergency program to offer children food as well as health care services. Initially, it was a short term project, but right after the second World War the UNICEF became a permanent program and part of the United Nations System. The UNICEF works as a joint venture with government and private donors. The governments donate two third of of the UNICEF’s funding. The rest of the funding is collected by individuals. There are almost 6 million individuals who contribute to the rest of the UNIVEF’S funding.

It is commonly observed that most of the problems faced by everyone is due to lack of resources. Parents do not have enough resources to earn and provide their children good food or send their children to school. The main amin of UNICEF is and its team is to help people over come these challenges. The UNICEF Innovations is one of the most important project of UNICEF in which they in which different ideas are used to end help children. There are different conference and events held after every few months. In conferences the team discusses about new projects and ideas that can help the children. While at events they addresses people about the upcoming project and how everyone can be part of it.

The UNICEF Innovations has an online website on which they have all the information about their origin and how do they work. Apart from the projects, the UNICEF Innovation also updates in detail about different types of projects that they are currently working on. The reason behind updating detailed information is to let people know about what project they are currently working on. Moreover, every one is allowed to post a project, idea or challenge. The ideas are always appreciated and accepted with open heart.

The UNICEF Innovations also allow everyone to be part of their project. People are welcome for donations. Apart from donation everyone can also work for UNICEF as a volunteer for short term project or long term project. People can put their input in any form as the final output of all the work done is to provide maximum help to the children who are facing poverty.