United Nation Refugee Agency

There are different type of people living in this world. Every individual falls into a different category. There are fortunate as well as less fortunate people living in every society. Apart from these two groups, there are also some people known as a refugee. Well, there are a lot of people who might not be familiar with this term known as a refugee. A refugee is a person who is any way forces to flee his country due to any logical reason. The reason behind, fleeing from his own country can be due to any war, violence taking place in the respective country or the persecution. The fear of persecution can be of the religion, nationality or even having any opinion about political parties and so on. The fear of persecution is the reason people cannot or do not want to go back to their country and return home.

There are two more groups of people found in almost every country, IDP and Returnee. The IDP, internally displace person is someone who is also forced to flee from his home, but cannot cross the border so remains in his own country but completely unarmed. Due to increase number of wars in the past few decades, the number of IDP has increased to a prominent number. The other group of people is known as Returnee. A returnee is a person who has returned to his home or country after the conflict has been solved. Similar to these three groups, there are different infinite people who are living a difficult life and are in desperate need of help.

In order to help people who are known as refugees, the United Nation Refugee Agency is working day and night. The United Nation Refugee Agency is an agency that works especially for refugees to provide them a better life. This agency was started back in 1949. It was the time when people realized that it was high time for someone to step forward and help these people who go through different circumstances. Since it’s establishment this organization has been working to only to help the refugees of the society. The organization works regardless of any type of reward from anyone. This organization has won the Nobel Peace Prize twice due to its remarkable work for the refugees of every society.

The United Nation Refugee Agency believes that in order to help such people, the cooperation of the general public is very important. For this purpose the organization works hard to engage more and more people to be part of this organization. The United Nation Refugee Agency also people to donate online. The donation made by every individual is used to help their refugee brother and sister without any type of discrimination done on the basis of color or religion. It is a non-profit organization and it offers different career opportunities to the people. The organization offers different internship as well as career opportunities who want to learn something by helping other.