United Nations Foundation

The rate of natural disasters has increased to as the prominent rate in past few decades. People have suffered through an earthquake, flood like a tsunami and what not. The natural disaster is not something that causes one time damage to the people. There is massive damage that take place right away and there are long term aftermaths. There are people who lose their life, their loved ones, their house, their property, food and every other resources with it. They are left with nothing and no one, yet they have to live in this horrifying situation. There is no way that these people can help themselves. They need an external help in order to survive and live a human life. As, for external help there are people who relate to the suffering of these and helps them in every possible way.

When natural disaster strikes, everyone turns their hopes towards others. The victims of natural disasters wait for someone to come and help them. There are many people and organizations that are working to help the victims of the natural disasters. The United Nations Foundation Foundation Foundation is one of these organizations that works especially for these victims. It is a non profit leading organization that is highly trustworthy when it comes to helping the poor and needy people. The organization believes that the people who are the victims of natural disasters need physical as well as mental help. They need immediate medical help in order to survive their wounds. Moreover, they go through huge mental trauma. It takes years of psychological therapy in order to get over their trauma and get back to the normal life.

The United Nations Foundation is not only famous for helping the natural victims, but also the people who are suffering due to poverty. Due to high inflation the rate of people living in poverty is increasing at a very alarming rate. There are a lot of children and women who are dying day in day out due to incurable disease that are the result of poverty. According to a research every 20 seconds the world loses a child that dies due to some diseases that could have been cured with a vaccine, but due to poverty they were unable to get that particular vaccine. The United Nations Foundation Foundation Foundation is working day and night to help save lives of these innocent children. The organizations are working day and night with UNICEF and all other United Nations Foundation Foundation Foundation agencies in order to provide proper as well as emergency medical care for children all over the world.

The United Nations Foundation organization also highly believes that the women empowerment is very important in order to bring economic stability in the world. For this purpose the organization provides special health care and education benefits to the women and young girls so that they can grow and live healthy. Moreover, they are also offering a lot of career opportunities to the female members of the society in order to utilize their talents in a better way.