United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative

Everyone knows and completely understands the importance of the education these days. But unfortunately even in 21sth century there are people who still do not believe in women’s education. Yes, there is a lot of people who believe that education is not meant for female members of the society. There are many reasons behind the non acceptance of education for women that are tradition or culture, but one of the main and most important reason behind it is poverty. There are a lot of families who believe that due to poverty or high rate of the inflation, it is not more than enough to get the boys’ education and inner girls. However, it is a very wrong view of people. The education for girls is much more important as she is the one who manages her family in the future.

Looking at this misconception of people and the increasing gap between girls and boys the United States in 2000 decided to introduce a special organization named United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative that works especially for the education of the girls. The main aim of this organization is to put a stop and reduce the high gap between this gender discrimination in terms of education. The organization aims to reduce this gap not only at primary level, but also at secondary level. The idea of this organization was started due to the troubling reality that millions of girls are unable to get education mainly because of poverty. This idea was clicked at that time that there should be an organization that works only for the female education.

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative has set few goals that they aim to achieve by 2015. The first and the most important goal is that by 2015 the boys and girls in equal percentage should get the primary education with all the primary courses. The next goal that they aim to achieve is that there should be complete gender equality among girls and boys in terms of education. The percentage of educated girls should be if not more, then at least equal to the education of boys. These are the two important aims set by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative that they want to achieve till 2015 so that they can work on further goals.

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative is promoting gender equality in order to remove the barriers that stops the girls from getting educated. These barriers are mainly school fees, access to any educational institute or any other educational cost. The organization is working to remove these unwanted barriers so that more and more girls can get an education. The organization strongly believes that it is very important for girls to get an education so that they can do better brought up of their children who are future of the whole nation.

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative has an online website where they update all the information related to their work. In this way people stay updated about all the news and events taking place within the organization.