United Nations Population Fund

It is a common fact that people usually blame poverty for everything but ignore the root cause of poverty. There are a lot of reasons that altogether causes poverty. The most popular reasons are high, inflation and economic instability. Whoever is another reason which is usually a major reason for most of the people i.e. increasing population. Is the increasing population is one of the main causes behind poverty? There is a school of thought who believe that there are less resources and more people. The lack of resources results in lack of sufficient food, availability of work and so on. The increasing population is causing poverty to increase with every passing day. For these people to stop poverty to to stop pregnancy.

The UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund is an organization that is working to help man, woman and every child to live a better life. They want to make the world a place where every pregnancy is important. Not only pregnancy, but every child birth is safe in every way. The origin of this organization was started in 1969. Since then, this organization has been working for people all over the world. The main aim of this organization is to ensure the reproductive health of both genders which includes working on family planning as well. The organization aims to promote the productive right of both genders without any discrimination. It also aims to bring equality among men and women, which is very important to achieve all their goals. The organization also aims to create awareness about the population dynamics.

The organization is working on programs like family planning. The organization believes that both male and female members of the society should know what is family planning and how is it effective. The organization that instead of going for abortion, which is a crime and dangerous to a mother’s health it is important to know about family planning. The abortion has many consequences while the family has none. The organizations educate people about the benefits of proper family planning programs and to swipe away the misconception about it. Moreover, they are taking maximum steps in order to stop the increasing rate of abortion all over the world.

Another problem that take place before or during pregnancy is transmission of different diseases. There are different type of disease that are transmitted from a male member to female member or female member to the male member. The most dangerous disease is HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS is an incurable disease that can easily be transferred from a male member to female members during sexual relations. If a woman has AIDS, then there are a lot, chances that this disease might be transmitted to the unborn baby.

The organization works on providing a better society to people so that there is no pre, during or post pregnancy problem faced by the mother or her child. They provide special education so that more and more people know about it and can live a better life.