United Nations World Health Organization

There was a time when people used to wonder how they can earn the blessing of God and yet they find very little ways to do so. However, today there are a lot of ways through which they can earn blessing. The most easy way to do so is by helping poor people. Yes, there is a lot of that need help in different ways as there is high poverty all over the world. There are a lot of people who are doing different charity works in order to help the poor class of the society. Apart from individuals, there are a lot of organization that are helping on a larger scale. The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is one these highly well known organizations.

The organization was started long back in 1945 when two diplomats of the United Nation met. The meeting concluded with the idea of establishing a global health organization. The execution of this idea was then done on 7th April, 1948. This date is now remembered and celebrated as the World Heath Day. The headquarters of WHO is in the United Nations system. The direction as well as the coordinating authority of the health works from there. They provide leadership on all the health issues. They aim to reshape the health researches as per their agendas. They also provide technical health and support to different countries. They monitor all the health issues all over the world.

There are different functions that WHO is performing. They provide leadership on all the minor and major health related issues. They also involve their partners in different issues as per requirement and need of the hour. They aim to promote and shape the health researches among different generations and among the masses. They also create health policy in order to bring balance between health matters. Moreover to maintain their policy and balance they keep proper eye and monitor all the matters along with assessing different health trends.

The WHO believes that in the past few decades the poverty has caused a lot of health problems. A huge number of the world’s population is suffering day and night due to some serious diseases, especially the children are going through worse. In order to save human life, it is important to swipe away the hunger problems from the world. The WHO has a policy plan till 2016, they aim to make things right so that people may enjoy a healthy life.

The organization believes they can do no good without the people’s support. This is why everyone is allowed to be part of this organization by donating anything they want. The organization also respects suggestions of people and accepts them with an open heart. Moreover, people are also telling about any individual or family that need special help from WHO.

In order to help people know all about WHO, they have online information available about everything which includes their history, their agenda, policy and their future aim to help people.