USA for UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency

In every country there are different type of people living different life. There are locals, foreigners, born national and immigrants. Similar to these people there is also a group of people, which is known as refugees. The word refugee is used for people who are going through different circumstances. In the past few decades the rate of unpleasant events like war, violence on different people, discrimination on the basis of religion, color or political affiliation, has increased to a prominent rate. There are people who do not feel secure within their country. They are scared to be a victim of any of the above mentioned events. Moreover, there are people who actually get caught between these events and suffer in different ways. These types of people are usually left with no option but to flee their own country. These people are known as refugees.

Looking at the condition of people all over the world, there are many organizations that are working to help these people known as refugees. The USA for UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency is one of these organizations that has been working to help the refugees. This organization came into being on December 14, 1950. The main reason behind the establishment of this organization is to help the refugees and solve their problems all over the world. The organization believes that similar to local inhabitants, the refugees have equal rights in every country. They should not be treated with discrimination. This is the reason that the organization works to safeguard the rights of the refugees. The organization believes that the refugees have already gone through a lot of ups and downs, so now it is their right to be treated well.

For more than 6 decades the USA for UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency has helped almost more than 10 million people to start their fresh life. The organization has almost 7685 people working on their staff for more than 125 countries of the world. Their people are helping 33.9 million people all over the world in different ways. The USA for UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency is helping people in different ways. The organization is well familiar with the fact that the refugees do not have a proper place to live. This is the reason that the organization provides special shelter to the refugees where they can feel like home. They are offered food and basic human needs that are important for the survival of every person.

The organization also believes that these people can help themselves only if they are offered some resources. For this purpose the USA for UNHCR: UN Refugee Agency provides different type of resources so that they can earn and help themselves. They introduce them to different communities so that the refugees can be part of it and feel like home. The organization also allows different people to volunteer so that they can help the refugees adjust to the society. They also offer different internship and career facilities to people who want to be part of this organization.