Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

It is a known fact that education is one of the most important part of every society. Education plays an important role in the nation building process. It is not only important for the nation building process but also for every individual’s personality building. The education is the only way that can transform any person or society. This is the reason that it is very important to make education common all over the world. However, it is an unfortunate thing that despite the true importance of education, it is still not common among the masses. There are a lot of reason behind the low literacy rate in different countries. One of the most important reason is lack of resources. There are limited educational resources present all over the world.

The overview of the history tells everyone that the education had real importance in the history. There are a lot of people who have worked immensely in order to promote education and make it common all over the world. Talking about the contribution of different people, no one can ignore the work done by the Woodrow Wilson. The Woodrow Wilson is a best-known leader as well academic innovator. He was the President of Washington. He was one of the most important person in history who actually realized the importance of education and the fact that it should be promoted at different levels.

In 1954, the professor Whitney Oates from the Princeton University worried due to a huge number of student to left the academy in order to fight in the World War II. He was worried for the fact what if these students never returned from the war? Who will continue the advance degree program in order join the teaching profession? This was the time when he, the Princeton’s graduate dean, Sir Hugh Taylor, persuaded Miss Isabelle Kemp along with a private donor decided to start a graduate fellowship program. The reason behind supporting this fellowship program was to attract the maximum veterans back to their academic careers.

Looking at the success of this program, the other leaders realized who much important and urgent it was to establish a proper institute that would produce new teachers and scholars. This is the reason that later on the Carnegie Corporation granted almost $100,000 to Princeton so that he can extend his fellowship program nationwide. After wide progress of this program, it was named Woodrow Wilson fellowship program, in the honor of the President of Washington as he was the only president with a Ph.D. and had great respect for the scholars. This Woodrow Wilson center is located in Washington. The organization believes that every individual has special ability that education can polish. Once their abilities are well polished then that individual can be a good teacher and spread his wing in order to educate more and more people all over the world. The organization moreover not only work on the academic side of every individual but they also polish them to deal with different world affairs.