World Food Programme

There are a lot of problems faced by different these days. People are facing different diseases, children problem, marriage problem and so on. However, all these are the minor and treatment problems. There are some people who are suffering problems like poverty which is one of the biggest problems in this world. Previously the rate of poverty was constant, but due to high inflation and economical stability throughout the world the poverty has reached an alarming rate. Due to high poverty rate people are facing major problems like lack of education, no place to hide and the worst is nothing to eat. The major human need nowadays is good. It is an obvious fact that no one can survive a day or two without eating anything.

There are infinite people who sleep with an empty stomach every night. These people are not only the one who is facing poverty, but there are some victims of the situation. There is a lot natural disasters happening these days. The victims of these natural disasters are left with nothing by themselves, even with no food. There are many organizations working for these people. The World Food Programme is one of these organizations. This organization is the food assistance branch of the world biggest humanity serving organization that is working to remove the hunger and the food problems from the entire world. The main aim of this organization is helping people who are facing the hunger problem. The organization believes no one in this world should sleep with an empty stomach. People can face any problem, but the hunger problem.

The idea of the World Food Programme was presented in 1961 however the organization was established in 1963. At first the organization was started on a 3 year trial basis, but as per the success of the organization in terms of feeding people, it later started its work for continuous basis. The headquarters of the World Food Programme is in Rome. Annually, this organization is providing food to almost 90 million people. Their 58 million children among this huge number. The World Food Programme has its offices in almost 80 countries, hence helping poor people throughout the world.

The organization works to help people. There are four main aims of this organization that are as follows:
• To save the life of people and protect them in emergencies like natural disasters.
• Provide basic food securities and nutritious food in order to rebuild the lives in the fragile environments that are victim of emergency situations like natural disasters.,
• Help people with resources so that they can satisfy their hunger needs like food and nutritious food, on their own.
• Break the cycle of hunger and unhyginic food from all over the world.

The organization is currently working as with the general public so that they can provide help to more and more people. The organization is also taking special steps to help people who are victims of natural disasters like earthquake and floods as they need immediate and extreme support.