World Vision, Child Sponsorship Program

It is a sad thing that the world today is facing different types of problems. There is inflation and with it comes unstable economy. The inflation is a condition common in every country. During inflation the prices of commodities all over the world increases to a prominent rate. Moreover, due to unstable economy comes the unemployment and fewer resources to work and earn through it. These two conditions, together gives birth to the third and the most serious problem i.e. poverty. It is an unwanted condition, but is found almost in all the countries. Poverty is a problem that spreads at a very fast speed and affects people of different class in different ways. It is an economic disease that is destroying the world economy all over the world.

There are a lot of people suffering due to poverty. However, the lower class is suffering the most. The lower class is not living with the basic human necessities. They have nowhere to live, no clothes to wear and nothing at all to eat. These people are referred to term less fortunate class as well as victims of poverty. There are a huge percentage of children who are suffering due to poverty. These children instead of being part of the nation’s future and far left in the race and have no resources to cope up. In order to help such people the World Vision is an organization that works to provide a better life to the less fortunate people. It is one of the most trusted and highly popular organizations that works for the less fortunate class of the society. The organization works in different ways so that the world can be a better place for the less fortunate class of the society.

The World Vision was founded back in 1950 by Pierce. The main goal behind the formation of this organization was to provide humanitarian aid to people who are in desperate need of it. The origin of this organization was originally started in the United States. However, due to its huge success the organization decided to spread their wings in 1966 so that they can help people in other countries as well by the Walter Stanley Mooneyham. It was then operated with the name World Vision International. Since its formation the World Vision organization has helped different people so that they can live a better life.

The organization works for people of different age group. However, their main concern is to help children. The organization believes on the fact that children are future of every nation. This is the reason that the World Vision works on projects, especially designed for the children. The organization offers educational program for children of different age group, so that they can learn and be part of the better future. The organization is also well aware of the fact that due to poverty, children today are victim of violence, beggary as well as child abuse. The organization works to provide child protection so that children can live a safe life.