World Wildelife Fund

The world we live in has a lot of things and places full of nature. In fact, the nature is found all over the world. There are forests, mountains, hills, trees and what not. The beauty of the universe is the beauty of nature. Moreover, another important part of nature is Wild life. Yes, the wildlife of the world is also part of the nature and its beauty. However, it’s an unfortunate thing that along with other precious thing the beauty of nature is also in danger. Yes, there are people who do not understand the importance of these gifts offered by nature and are swiping them away for their own use. The world today is in danger due to these people as the nature is not only the beauty of the universe but it is the reason behind human survival.

Today, it is very important to save nature at any cost. For this purpose people should step forward and join hands to save the world by saving nature. The World Wildelife Fund, known as WWF is working to save the nature, especially Wild life so that the universe can be preserved with all its beauty. The organization was started back in 1961 with the aim to save the world. The organization, like the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and The Conservation Foundation, together were trying to work on the plan of saving nature. However, they do not have enough funds to do so. With the time and proper planning the WWF came into being. As the name suggests, WWF works in the fund raising or fund collection that can be utilized to save the wildlife and nature. The organization works on the issues, like research regarding restoration and preserving the environment. Today WWF is the worlds largest organization in the world that is working independently to achieve its goal The
organization have almost 5 million supporters all over the world. It is currently working in almost 100 countries and is working on different environmental projects.

The organization believes that in order to live in a better future, it is important to save the “present” of the world. No one can hope for a better future until or unless they are living in a better present situation. For this purpose the organization since its establishment is working on different projects so that they can restore the destroyed part of the nature and preserve the existing one. The main object of the organization is to protect as well as restore all the species along with their habitats. The organization aims to strengthen all the local communities so that they can conserve all the natural resources on which they depend. The organization also aims to change the policies in order to reduce the impact of production as well as the consumption of the commodities. Moreover the organization also educates people so that they can know more about the importance of nature and they can play their part in restoring and protecting the world around them.