Fitness Supplements and Tips to Stay Healthy

Today; there is tough competition in every walk of life, people used to compete with one another for reaching their goals and targets are hard to achieve. Everyone wants to look good and fit. Fitness is a broad term, it includes not only the physical wellbeing but also mental and emotional or psychological balance of an individual. It is hard to achieve all these aspects of health and fitness but not impossible. Body fitness can be achieved by combination efforts of taking balanced diet, exercise, sound sleep and avoiding stress. As far as balanced food is concerned it should comprise of adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates; fats in moderate amounts should be included also because they are also normal components of body cells.

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All people know about the importance of fruits and vegetables in maintaining body fitness, these foods are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals which maintain the ideal body weight along with keeping vital organs of body in healthy state (vital organs are heart, kidneys, brain, and liver.) Fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants which are powerful anti-aging agents, aging can be delayed by consuming large amounts of these food components, proteins are essential for protecting body against infections and diseases because they are components of antibodies, muscles are made up of proteins, muscles are main organs which give us mobility and power of work. Drinking a lot of water is also a good step in improving fitness because water is the best detoxifying agent.

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Exercise plays very important role in fitness. mild exercises like walking, jogging, carrying light weights are very help full in maintaining weight and muscle tone and also give strength to heart, other exercises like swimming, carrying heavy weights, skipping etc are useful for maintaining muscle power, along with physical exercises, brain exercises are equally important for health and fitness, brain exercises include playing games, solving puzzles, yoga and meditation. Importance of sound sleep shouldn’t be ignored because uninterrupted sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours daily is necessary for proper brain and body functions. Relief of stress plays a very important role in achieving long healthy lives. Stress can be relieved by indulging in some fruitful hobbies. Reading books, Gardening, outing, playing with children, spending time with family and friends are all very effective measures to relieve stress and depression. If we adopt all above measures, quality of life will be improved and we will be source of happiness for our family and also will be an efficient member of society.