How Can I Increase My Body Weight Fast?

Desire for increasing body weight is seen in people who are lean and weak and have family tendency for slim physique, if you have an average body weight related to your age and height there is no need to increase body weight, because putting body weight is easy as compared to losing it, before doing efforts to increase weight naturally , we should evaluate ourselves that we shouldn’t have any physical disease or illness which could be a hurdle in putting on weight, like some gastric or digestive problem, some nutritional deficiencies and some hormonal problems can also cause decreased body weight, some psychological diseases also result in decreased appetite and loss of weight, we should have medical checkups and laboratory investigation to rule out these problems because presence of these factors completely alters the plans and strategy of weight gaining programmers.

weight gain should be healthy, weight gain doesn’t mean you load yourself with lots of fats around your body parts, weight gain should be healthy and without any side effects, it can be done by increasing your muscle mass along with desired amount of fat in specific location of body, complete deduction of fat is also not recommended because some areas of body require fat pads to look beautiful like cheeks, hips, thighs and legs. Muscle mass is increased by two methods, one is high protein diet, the other one is exercise and workouts. Best diet for increasing weight rapidly , is protein shakes; milk shakes mixed with fruits like dates and banana is very effective in gain of weight quickly, milk is full of nutrients including milk proteins and fats along with calcium which also increases bone length and strength ,other option is yogurt smoothies, yogurt contains milk proteins and also healthy fats which are required for increasing weight, other dairy products like cheese and eggs are also well known for rapid healthy weight gain, red meat like beef, mutton as well as fish, chicken are also effective foods for rapid weight gain. But meat especially red meat should be lean without any fats because meat fat is saturated fat which is not good for health, steamed meat or grilled meat pieces are preferred with some energy drink or beard unlike cooked or fried meat.

Exercise is also essential for weight gain and muscle building, regular exercises like walking, jogging, running, cycling etc are essential to maintain balance of energy and nutrition in your body, as well as it stimulates bone and muscle growth. If you require fullness in special parts like cheeks, you have to do facial exercises like chewing gums, inflating balloons etc; these exercises stimulate growth of facial muscles and they get increased in size and number to give your face healthy looks, like wise some people want increased weight in thighs or hips to look beautiful, there are special exercises and workouts of these areas which can solve the problem.

Weight gain is not a big task, healthy weight gain is a challenge; and above mentioned tips definitely will work for reaching the targets of healthy and consistent weight gain.