How to Loose Weight Naturally

There are lots of options available today for loosing weight, everyone is claiming to help you loose weight in magical ways without side effects but you never know the aftereffects of methods adapted for weight loss through various market products and methods, it’s better for us to remain near nature in every aspect of life including health, fitness and nutrition. Here are some tips to decrease your weight naturally.

Do regular daily and sustained workouts, this is most efficient way of loosing weight naturally, it’s up to you, whether you do exercise at home, park, Jim, or any other place, don’t go for specialized fitness and exercise plans , just indulge yourself in any activity , purpose is to burn your calories or stored fat by physical activity, but specific activity should be brisk and continuous for at least half an hour to one hour daily, more you are obese , more you have to work for getting rid of fat, if you are starting exercise first time and did not do it before, you have to start gradually; starting initially from fifteen minutes and gradually increasing to thirty minutes and more, in this way your body will adapt to exercise and chances of muscles, ligaments and joints injuries will be lesser. Enjoy your exercise, like you can do dancing on your favorite music tone, or you can play with children and entertain them by playing games like volley ball, racing, jumping etc. It will help relieving your stress also, and that in turn shares in weight loss because stress too is one of the causes of weight gain.

Drink a lot of water, water is best fat melting agent; water is required in metabolism, and helps in eliminating waste products from body. You can add lemon juice in water to enhance weight loss. Try to eat high fiber diet like fresh vegetables and fruits, these contain fiber which controls absorption of sugar and fats, moreover these foods have minimal amounts of fats; fruits and vegetable satisfy hunger and person cannot over eat due to filling effects of these food stuffs. Dry fruits are also a gift of nature for obese people, these tiny foods have lots of nutrients with low calories, fig is of special consideration among dry fruits for weight loss especially for reducing abdominal fat, fig is full of natural fiber which helps reducing weight dramatically, fig also contains iron, iron deficiency is also a cause of weight gain by retaining water in body. Citrus fruits like orange, grape fruit, pine apple also help in weight loss along with giving full nutrient support to body, drink juices of these delicious fruits without adding sugar daily, it will be great and you will see the difference within couple of weeks.

Totally avoid fried junk foods, these foods are package of saturated fats, sugars with lots of side effects on health and on weight, always use home prepared food, because you know the amount of fats which you are using while preparing food at home, and these foods are also healthy from hygienic point of view. Use grilled and steamed meal instead of cooked or fried food, in these methods of cooking; you will get all nutrients with minimum or almost zero amounts of fats.