Weight Gain and Body Building Supplements

What comes in your mind when you think of body building supplement, a glass full of protein milkshake or bottle of energy drink? You are hundred percent right, most body building supplements contain proteins and amino acids in form of powders, tablets, or liquids. Along with them these supplements contain vitamins, mineral, and extracts of male hormones, why male hormones? This is why males contain some natural hormones which give them different body looks from females like tall height, increased muscle mass, and strength, this is the natural physiology given to male body by nature to cope with the daily stresses of life, all these changes like increased muscle and strength, tall stature and height are happened under the influence of male hormones which increase metabolism and protein synthesis by male body.

Same theory is used in manufacturing body building supplements. Male hormone’s extracts are included in body building supplements to stimulate increased development of muscles and to increased protein metabolism. Vitamins, minerals and other proactive substances aid in these functions. These substances are additives to facilitate the protein metabolism. Our body is made up of muscles which provide framework and strength along with giving protection to vital and delicate internal body organs as shield. Muscles help us to walk, to talk, to smile to carry weights, and to bend our joints. Muscles are energy stores and comprises of almost entirely of proteins. Proteins are basic and essential nutrients and building blocks of proteins are amino acids. Proteins are derived naturally from meat, chicken, fish, pulses, legumes and dairy products. Proteins maintain pressure of blood, cells are made up of proteins, and most of our brain is comprised of protein, so you can imagine how important proteins are for human body. Muscles are made up of strands of long and strong protein fibers. Because the entire frame work of body is constructed by muscles; so muscle building is alternate term for the body building and body building basically means build up pf strong huge muscle mass.

Body building supplements are of essential importance for males especially athletes, swimmers, sportsmen, fighters, armed forces personals and for the physical and fitness trainers. In these people only diet cannot provide the enough amounts of proteins, special protein supplements are manufactured to meet the needs of protein requirement in these people. Among the types of proteins, there are some high qualities and others are low quality proteins, most body building supplements contain extracted high quality proteins like soy proteins, milk proteins, whey proteins, egg proteins etc. Among all these proteins soy and whey proteins are of great importance, these are high quality proteins and derived from soybeans and milk respectively. Although these supplements are made for the special professionals requiring great strength; but these can also be used by the young adults and men doing jobs requiring strenuous work.

All the substances which are used to prepare the products are natural and usually do not have any side effects but sometimes on long term use without the utilization of muscle mass and physical work; side effects can appear; kidney is the most vulnerable organ for these side effects. Kidney filters fluid and retains proteins inside the blood but in case of increased protein levels, small protein particle escape from filtration and can damage the kidneys along with other complications like protein loss in urine and swelling of body. Don’t be scared, this can only be happening on long term heavy intake, in moderate amounts these supplements are devoid of any dangerous side effects. Not only men but females can also use these supplements to maintain their muscle mass and avoid the early aging process caused by breakdown of proteins within muscles.

Many famous female table tennis stars, marathon runners and swimming champions use these supplements in their diets on daily basis. In absence of adequate dietary intake of proteins, muscles become loose, flabby, and toneless and this gives an elderly appearance especially face muscles are prone to these destructive age related changes after age 40, cheek muscles shrink, eye lids droop and teeth becomes loose due to absence of jaw muscles tone, these changes can be delayed by taking body building supplements. After specific age specially after 50’s or 60’s muscle protein begins to break down and body must be provided with enough amounts of essential amino acids to make proteins, essential amino acids are building blocks of good quality proteins and these amino acids cannot be synthesized by body, so there should be an external source to provide these amino acids so that body can make proteins out of them.

Body building supplements are great source of these essential amino acids, but females have to take care of the fact that they should not take male hormones containing supplements, they should check the ingredient first and then start taking supplement which contain only amino acids, proteins or vitamins. After certain age normal males also require these supplements except athletes or body builders. Like female’s same changes can occur in males due to aging process, like shrinkage of muscle of face, jaw and arms due to protein break down. Soy proteins have magical power to delay the signs of aging in both males and females along with maintaining muscle mass and soy protein is major ingredient of most body building supplements. It is conservative approach to restrict usage of body building supplements by special professionals only because these supplements are equally beneficial for the normal people with poor intake of proteins. These supplements are great for the professional performances and play vital role in maintaining health and integrity of great strength in sportsmen and athletic stars, without these supplements given by fitness trainers and doctors, these people cannot cope with the heavy strenuous work seen by the people on TV screens, very few people know the secret behind the strength of Olympic athletes and champions, that they use these energy rich supplements for their unbelievable performances.