Your Tummy Fat Could Be Killing You

People with large protruded or pendulous tummies not only look ugly but also they are at risk of many health dangers. Our abdomen has many layers; it includes muscular, fatty and membranous layers. When we do not work out and eat fatty diet, our muscles loose tone and become loose and flabby and fat begins to accumulate with in layers of abdomen and our tummy protrude out, but when we exercise regularly, our abdominal muscles becomes tight and strong and do not allow fat to accumulate.

According to American journal of cardiovascular diseases, tummy fat is direct measure of the risk which is associated with cardiovascular accidents like heart attack, angina and stroke. Tummy fat is included in central obesity, central obesity is defined as accumulation of fat and weight gain in central parts of body like neck, abdomen, hips, and thighs; researches conducted on various diseases indicated that tummy fat is associated with diseases of heart, brain, kidney, liver and blood vessels diseases. Tummy or abdominal fat is directly related to the cholesterol related damage of blood vessels in these organs with reduced or interrupted blood supply and resulting failure, if large quantity of fat is accumulated in this area, it shows that fat also began to accumulate in internal blood vessels in form of clot which can compromise blood flow to different organs. So if you are having large tummy, be careful about your heart and start doing workouts and eliminate fats from diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Another hazard which is associated with tummy fat is disturbance of digestive actions, large amount of fats compress blood supply of intestine and prevents exit of flatus or gas from intestinal tract, and it also interrupts normal peristaltic movements, or exert pressure on stomach and heart; as a result, you can have acidity, constipation, heart burn, and even angina like pain in chest. Breathing problems can occur due to pressure on lungs and chest, as result you can have shortness of breath and suffocative feeling.

Large amounts of fats exert pressure on joints and you can have joint pain and inflammation, especially knee joints are prone to be affected by tummy fat, due to long term pressure joint mobility can be affected and you can have problem in walking, and can have limping and claudication (claudication is defined as pain and weakness in legs during walk)

Tummy fat has ugly looks and has psychological effects on person’s social life; it is a sign of embarrassment for a person and affected people avoid social gatherings because tummy fat gives unhealthy, unfit and aged appearance to a person. Looks can be compromised but the hidden health side effects of tummy fat should not be ignored, so it is advisable for people to understand and realize that tummy fat is not only a cosmetic problem but also a serious health risk so one should try, not to allow dietary fat to accumulate in tummy or belly; it can be done by eating fat free diet and most importantly by doing abdominal exercises to strengthen muscles and to burn fat from abdomen.